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9 things you should never pressure wash are

While pressure washing can increase the curb appeal of a home or commercial property, not every surface is safe for pressure washing. To make sure you know the limitations of pressure washing read the 10 things you should never pressure wash below and then hire the professionals at TLC Window Cleaning to do the job!

1. Asphalt Shingles

The pressure washing of asphalt shingles can remove grit and granules that protect your roof and knock off whole shingles. Avoid this area when pressure washing.

2. Stained Wood

Any stained wood surfaces around the exterior of your home should not be pressure washing. Stain on items such as outdoor furniture or decking, can be pulled from the wood with the heat and pressure of power washing.

3. Lead Paint

Pressure washing lead paint can damage, crack, and strip the paint. It can also send toxic dust and debris in the air causing illness with long-term exposure.

4. Old Mortar

Damage to mortared items such as weathered brick walls can happen with pressure washing as it strips away the mortar and makes the wall loose. This loss of mortar affects the integrity of the surface and can cause property damage over time.

5. Vehicle

Do you like that paint job - then do not pressure wash any vehicle. Pressure washing can cause small dents, chip paint and encourage rust. Go to the car wash or use the garden hose!

6. Windows

Pressure washing windows should be left to professionals.  There is a potential for breaks, cracks, or shattered glass - all potentially dangerous to you or others.

7. Gutters

Damage to fascia, breaking gutter segments free of the house and sags leading to leaks can all occur if you pressure wash your gutters. Hire a professional to clean your gutters or do it the old fashioned way.

8. AC Units

AC units have fins, which if damaged, bent or destroyed by pressure washing can compromise air flow and require costly repairs. The water also can get into the unit and damage the electrical circuit. Avoid the air conditioners when pressure washing!

9. Living Things

Pressure washing any living thing - people, pets, and plants - should NEVER happen.  The pressure and heat can lacerate skin, burn and cause serious injuries. For safety, only use pressure washing equipment as recommended by the manufacturer.

10.  Any Exterior Wiring

Know where your utility lines, cable cords, and other wires are around the exterior of your home and avoid them when pressure washing. Pressure washing incorrectly or without knowing the location of exterior wiring can knock-out power or cable service.  If you cause damage to the services or utilities of others, you could be fined.

Even if you follow all of the 10 tips above, you could still incur damage or injury without proper equipment or expertise. Hire the experts at TLC Window Cleaning. Our fully trained, licensed and insured technicians use the latest pressure washing technology to protect your surfaces- and investments. Contact us for your free quote today.

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