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7 Reasons to Have a Professional Pressure Wash Your Home

There are many benefits to pressure washing your home. Can you pressure wash your home? Sure. But here are 7 reasons to let a professional, like TLC Window Cleaning, do the pressure washing for you!

1. Restored Curb Appear Increases Property Value

The exposure to weather, dirt, insects, birds, and pollutants, such as acid, smoke, and exhaust from cars can cause discoloration and damage to your home. Pressure washing eliminates these issues. A clean home exterior stands-out and enhances the curb appeal of your home, adds to your home's landscaping and can increase the property value! 

2. Saves Time

Wouldn't you rather relax than deal with the hassle of pressure washing your home?  When you choose the right professional power washing company, you save time from buying cleaning supplies and protective gear, renting equipment, and priming surfaces. Professionals will also 
Do the job twice as fast as the average homeowner and eliminate the worry of causing damage when you attempt to pressure wash.  It's win-win - clean home, more time for you to enjoy! 

3. Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

When professionals regularly pressure wash your home, you provide preventative maintenance ego your home avoiding the cost of surface repairs, unnecessary repainting, and damage from insects or those annoying bird droppings.

4. Avoid Purchasing or Renting Expensive Equipment

A professional power washing company comes to your home with ladders, hoses, and commercial grade pressure washing equipment and cleaning chemicals. You avoid rental costs, pick up and drop off times and the hassle of learning to use the equipment.

5. Safety

Professional power washing companies are trained experts in using power washing equipment. The high pressure water streams, cleaning chemicals and equipment in inexperienced hands can damage property and people. Avoid these risks and be safe by hiring professionals.

6. Prepares Your Home for Renovation

Planning to repaint or resurface your home's exterior? Pressure washing is the first step to prepare your home's exterior because it removes the dirt and grime leaving a smooth and receptive surface for new paint or surface treatment.

7. Protects the Health of Your Family

Caused by dust, mold spores, mildew and pollen that cling to your house, allergies affect millions of people in the United States. Pressure washing removes dirt and grime and the cleaning chemicals kill algae and fungus, protecting against harmful bacteria growth. Protect the health of your family by eliminating these pesky pollutants.

Now that you've read the top 7 reasons to power wash your house, what are you waiting for? Improve curb appeal, extend the longevity of exterior surfaces, save money on future repairs and protect the health of your family.

Contact TLC Window Cleaning - experts providing pressure washing services in Raleigh and the Triangle Area since 2010! We provide a clean attractive exterior, take precautions to protect your property and provide a free quote for our services! Contact us today!

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