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5 Most Common Pressure Washing Mistakes

Pressure washing the exterior of your house can be extremely satisfying. Years of dirt and grime instantly washed away can bring joy to many of us clean freaks. However, pressure washing isn't easy and if mistakes can cause extensive damage to your home and potential injury to you.

We at TLC Window Cleaning created a list of the five most common pressure washing mistakes for do it yourselfers.

1. Too Much Pressure

Regulation pressure can be difficult for many homeowners and property owners. All the different surfaces that can be pressure washed tolerate the stress in various ways. For example, a residential roof and aluminum needs the minimum pressure while a driveway and gravel needs high-pressure.  The wrong pressure settings can cause:
  • Permanent marks
  • Remove siding
  • Damage nearby vegetation

2. Not Using Chemical Assistance

Water alone doesn't remove contaminants as well as increasing the cleaning time. Problem areas become tougher to clean with just water and leave you open to potential damage when you use too much pressure on a surface that can't withstand it (Problem #1). 

3. Cleaning Out of Order

Yes, there is a logical order to pressure washing.  If you don't follow this order, you may have to repeat clean areas you've already completed.  For example, re-cleaning a driveway when the dirty run-off water from your house stains it.

TLC Window Cleaning recommends pressure washing in the following order:
  • Roof
  • House
  • Flat Surfaces
  • Windows

4. Lack of Knowledge and Equipment

If you don't have the right equipment and a solid understanding of what surfaces require cleaning, you'll end up with a less-than-pristine result and possibly, property damage. In fact, the first three mistakes on this list are due to a lack of knowledge and equipment. For a large-scale pressure washing job, it's best to hire a professional that gets the job done right.

5. Hiring the Wrong Company

You may incur expensive damages if you do not research the pressure washing company you hire. Here are TO DOs before you hire:
Always research customer testimonials and how long the company has been in the business. Don't forget to ask:
  • Does the company have the proper business license?
  • Do they carry insurance?
  • What is their cleaning process?
  • Can they provide references from satisfied customers?

Remember, you get what you pay for and the lowest cost could end up costing you the most in the long run.

Wand to avoid all the mistakes above and end up with an immaculately cleaned exterior for your home or business? Contact TLC, an ethical and professional pressure washing service in Raleigh and the Triangle Area. With our hundreds of satisfied customers and over a decade of outstanding service, you and your property are in good hands.

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