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The Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

Home and property owners want to keep their investment clean, but often don't know that there are different ways of doing that cleaning. That lack of knowledge can end in a damaged exterior, costly repairs or unexpected maintenance. Pressure washing is a well-known way to wash the exterior of your home - but it has drawbacks when not used correctly. When hiring a professional, not knowing the difference in types of exterior washing can waste your time and money.

Below is TLC Window Cleaning's brief overview of pressure washing and soft washing and their best uses to give you more insight when making the best choice for cleaning the exterior of your home.

Pressure Washing

Using highly-pressurized water, pressure washing removes surface stains from your home's exterior. It is difficult to determine the water pressure needed for removing stains effectively and to avoid damage to various surfaces like wood, shingles, windows and paint. Along with damage to your home's exterior, which could lead to costly repairs, use by non-trained individuals could result in injuries. That is why we recommend that only trained professionals pressure wash your home. Professionals, such as TLC Window Cleaning, can effectively get you the results you desire - especially for stubborn stains or for a home or business that has not been cleaned in many years.

The best uses for pressure washing include:
  • concrete (such as pavers, sidewalks, and driveways)
  • paved patios
  • pool decks
  • brick and stone work
  • durable surfaces
  • graffiti removal from many surfaces

Soft Washing

Using low-pressure water and detergents, soft washing slowly breaks down dirt and grime on your home's exterior. Soft washing is a safe alternative to pressure washing, especially for residential properties. Also, since the water and detergents combine to eat away dirt and grime, soft washing tends to be more effective and cost-effective for long-term cleaning. What's more, the use of biodegradable cleansers avoids harm to your landscaping and is safe for the environment. It is important, then, to work with qualified professionals to ensure that your home is cleaned appropriately as some chemicals can be toxic or damaging to certain materials.

The best uses for soft washing include:
  • roofs
  • vinyl siding
  • wood
  • windows
  • cedar
  • stucco
  • screens and enclosures
  • other surfaces sensitive to water pressure

Now that you know the difference between pressure and soft washing, you can make informed choices when hiring a professional pressure washing company.  You can also reduce the risk of exterior damage to your home.

Whether it be pressure or soft washing, you can count on the professionals at TLC Window Cleaning for all your pressure washing needs in Raleigh and the Triangle Area. Contact TLC Window Cleaning today to find out how to get the clean home exterior you've been looking for.

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