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How we clean our windows

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We start by removing and numbering all screens. If you choose the option with screens, we will use a soft brush screen cleaner to thoroughly clean and rinse them, and then set them aside to dry.

As we begin cleaning inside, we will open the windows and dust your window tracks and scrub window sills.

We then begin cleaning the inside of your windows, employing a soft strip washer and a very concentrated window washing solution that is 100% safe and biodegradable. Once we thoroughly scrub the glass, we squeegee the water off and towel dry all around the edges where water collects. We always use drop towels to protect your floor and furniture!

After the inside windows are done, we will head outside to begin utilizing essentially the same process. While outside, we also use a special wide blade scraper to aid us in the removal of any paint over-spray, bug marks, sap, etc.

Once everything is clean, we’ll put all of the screens back in place.

To wrap things up, we will proceed to walk around inside your home to double check the windows, lower the blinds and put all of your furniture back where it was.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to do a very detailed cleaning of your windows.